Rental Property Management – Things You Should Know


If you have an investment property and you wish a rental property management Auckland company will handle it, keep in mind that it is not easy to find one. First of all, property management careers in New Zealand are not regulated, so it will be more difficult for you to find the trustworthy ones. Second, anyone can be a property manager, but the good thing about this is that most property managers have real estate agent licenses, which means that finding such credentials is one way to tell that they are professionals and that they take their work seriously.

Aside from all those, what are other things you expect from a rental property management in Auckland?

There are no sign-up fees.

It must not cost you any money when you hire the rental property management Auckland company. Though it is true that everyone has got to make money, but a sign-up fee with rental property management company is a no-no. It must not be part of the whole bargain. If you ever encounter a company that demands you pay a sign-up fee, drop the company and look elsewhere.

Coordination with maintenance

You have to be careful with this part as there are some companies that just pass along any bad news of the property that they are handling. Property management companies that possess high caliber skills and reputation are the ones that will go beyond the basic rules that they are told to uphold to and will coordinate any problems with maintenance. They will then follow up on you to ensure that everything was handled well.

Available marketing services

This entirely depends on your preference, but you should be able to inquire from the property management about the marketing involved with acquiring new tenants. It may not be included with the standard package, but it must be an option available to you, so that you get to assist the busier landlords.

Rent collection

Being the landlord, you must remain as anonymous as much as you can. This mean that it will entail that the rental property management Auckland to collect the rent payments so that you do not need to provide any of your personal addresses to your tenants.

Payments direct deposit to Owner

After the rents have been collected, being the owner you must be able to see the rent payments already in your account through direct deposit and this must come from your rental property management company. This is only a small service, but one that many companies do not offer.

Yearly financial statements

It is very convenient for you being the owners that you receive yearly financial statements that are prepared by your property management company. This include the expenses and income every property you possess each year. This service is something that you should expect from the rental property management Auckland company that possess high caliber.

Tenant screening

When you rely on the property management company in finding tenants for you, you must search for one that provides screening. They have access to background and criminal reports, if there are any, including credit checks.